Long Distance

Enjoy absolutely the Cheapest Long Distance plan available today!  With an interstate rate as low as of 2.5 cents per minute(Electronic Billing) or 3.5 cents per minute(Paper Billing).

Couple that low rate with our low in-state and international rates, and you have some of the hardest to beat rates available today.  And they come with NO Monthly Minimums, and 6 Second Billing.

Available Nationwide!

Interstate Rate:   Easy2.5: 2.5/minute*  Basic3.5: 3.5/minute**
In-State Rate:   In-State Rates
International Rates:   International Rates
Monthly Fee:   None
Minimum Usage Fee:   0
Billing Increment:   6 seconds / 18 second minimum
USF Fee:   FCC USF Rate
Federal Tax:   3%
Billing Fee:   Easy2.5: $0.00  Basic3.5: $2.50
Peak Calling Times:   None. Rates are the Same 24/7
Caller ID/Call Waiting:   Available through Local Carrier
Contract or Minimum Sign-Up Period:   None
Billing:   Easy2.5: EasyPay & EasyBill Only (Electronic) Basic3.5: Online or Paper
Rate to AK/HI:   See Off-Shore Rates
Regulatory Recovery Fee   $0.59 per month
Payphone Surcharge:   $0.53 cents per call
Directory Assistance:   $0.75 cents per call
Toll Free Rates:   Same as Long Distance
PICC Charge:   Single Line: None  Residential: None  Multi-Line Business: $3.50/line

 *  Easy2.5: 2.5/minute plan requires online billing statements, and automated monthly payments.
 ** Basic3.5:
3.5/minute plan allows for online or paper billing statements (monthly $2.50 fee).


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